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Don't talk to me. [entries|friends|calendar]
Lucy Wang

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[10 Jul 2011|10:52am]
Dear Livejournal,

I've given Matt's penis the most brilliant name: the carcockodon megadong. Do you get it? Like the gigantic shark. I wonder if I could copywrite that.
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Interrupting Letterman [03 Nov 2010|12:24am]
I used to love politics but now I am just annoyed this election season. Maybe it's the ridiculous disregard for the benefit of our state and that all emphasis is for partisanship, or the fact that the Sharron Angle concession speech just interrupted Letterman and she was the least bit gracious in her loss. I don't understand how that Ssnate race was so close between the Senate majority leader of our nation and some random cunt who would be thrown onto a crappy committee and drive Nevada's future into further turmoil.

Anyway, I want to go on a hike and try food trucks in Las Vegas. I just yelped food trucks because I didn't even think there were any here but I was quite wrong. I'm just late to the trend.

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Pictures!! [22 Oct 2010|09:04pm]
Taken by my sister-in-law Jen!

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New Meeeee [19 Oct 2010|10:37pm]
Sew, I lost 20 pounds in the past month from diet & exercise & now I'm skinnier than after I had Audrey AND Teddy (4 yrs ago)!! I spent about an hour yesterday trying on all my clothes seeing how amazing everything fits when you're not fat & it's a pretty remarkable feeling. I've also learned that it's so much easier to walk in heels because you're not hauling around your fatass on 5 inches. For awhile, I was giving up on high heels except for special occasions because it was too difficult, but as a tribute to my reformed boday, I bought a new pair of Steve Madden Caryssa's for my wedding anniversary. I now understand why ex-fatties love pulling their fat jean waist-bands to demonstrate their weight-loss, except I sold my fat jeans to a resale shop so that no one will have to know. WAHAHHAAHA!! Now Matt & I are going to watch the Season 2 finale of Dexter!! Baiii!!

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Writer's Block: Whatever gets you through the night [09 Oct 2010|09:45pm]
What is your favorite John Lennon song, and why?

Woman & Love, my wedding songs. We <3 John Lennon.
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Babiezz. [26 Jul 2010|10:40pm]

Teddy pretending he has a massive underbite
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Audrey Lynn Erickson [15 Jun 2010|10:45pm]

She is so awesome!!
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